2017-2018 Fee Schedule


The following the dates outline when tuition will be due. You will receive a monthly reminder of these due dates. We are willing to work with you on when you pay, but we must have an agreement in writing in order to alter this fee schedule. The tuition will be paid in 10 equal payments. The fee is as follows: $100 for the first student in a family and $50 each per additional student, per month.  The students must be in the same family to receive this price.

If tuition is more than 10 days late, without an agreement in writing, there will be a $25 fee. In addition, if you are more than 15 minutes late picking up your students, you may incur an additional fee of $25.


May 15- Early registration for returning students $45 fee + $50 book fee deposit

June 1- Early registration for new students $45 fee + $50 book fee deposit

After June 1- Late registration fee of $75 + $50 book fee deposit

August 1- First month tuition due

September 4- tuition due

October 2- tuition due

November 6- tuition due

December 4-tuition due

January 8- tuition due

February 5- tuition due

March 5- tuition due

April 2- tuition due

May 1- tuition due