Family info

What are the expectations for each family?

Pay the book fees: We are purchasing all curriculum for the students. The book fee that your student will be charged will be for the exact price for the books. We are not placing an upcharge on any of the curriculum that we purchase. The book fee will cover all books needed to start the school year.

Volunteer: We are doing this together and need volunteers in all areas. We will make you aware of all areas that are available for you to work in.  This is not required on a daily basis, but will just be as needed.

Clean up: We are required to clean up each week that we have co-op and each person will have to help complete the daily clean-up. We don’t want to have one person doing all or most of the work. You will be provided with a schedule at the beginning of the year and your family will be on that schedule about 3 times during the school year.

Work at home: The only way this co-op will work is if each family makes sure they do the assigned work for home days. We need to keep the work at a certain pace to get through the curriculum, and if work from home is not complete, students will be behind.

Attendance: Good attendance is very important to the health of our co-op. It is vital that students and volunteers are on time and prepared for class. Please do not come if you have a contagious illness. If you do have to miss for any reason, your student needs to make up any work that was missed due to the absence.

Supplies: You must be willing to contribute to the supplies needed for the co-op. This will include supplies for projects, art, pencils, paper and various daily needs. We will have a supply list at the beginning of the year, but may have times that we have to refill the supplies.

Have a registered home school:

Communication: We will communicate through a group message on Facebook, we will have a private Facebook page, and you can also call or contact leadership if you have any questions. Once the roster of families is complete, we will hand out a master list with all of the contact information of everyone in the group