About our day

Daily Schedule

8:15-8:30 Arrival

8:30-9:00 Worship

9:05-10:00 1st period

10:05-11:00 2nd period

11:05-12:00 3rd period

12:05-1:00 lunch/recess

1:05-3:00 4th period

3:00-3:15 clean up and dismissal


Co-op will be every Monday through Wednesday throughout our scheduled weeks. Each week, the students will be given 2 days of work to be done at home. Throughout the year, we will take group field trips, usually on Fridays, but they may also occur on other days. Families are responsible to pay for those days. Field trip days are not a requirement, but we do look forward to fun outings! We will do a picture day for all students, volunteers and families. The prices are to be determined, closer to the date of pictures. This will be in the fall.

Our goal for this co-op is to have a fun, educational, learning environment. But, it is also more than that! We want to teach the students about honor and respect. We will have a zero tolerance for complaining and gossiping at co-op and ask that you continue that in your homes also. Things may get messy, there may be conflicts and things may happen that are hard to deal with. But, we want to teach the children, and us adults too, how to deal with hard situations. We ask that you, as well as the children, take the problem to God first, in prayer. After prayer, we ask that you go to the person, in love, and talk to them about the situation. If this does not work, we ask that you come to leadership and we will gladly help you work through the situation. This is a learning process, but one that will teach us so much about relationships and respect.